2016 Summer Manifesto!

I romanticize summertime, and I know I can’t be the only one who does. There’s something about summertime that excites me and ignites my languid side to get up and go outside. Even though outside is burning hot and will cause me to break a sweat simply from just standing. But, outside is where I want to be. Usually in the summer time I make a bucket list, and usually the list is incomplete by 85%. And because I am a woman of tradition I decided that this summer I will be making another bucket list. Hopefully that bucket list will be incomplete by 40% at the end of summer.

Here goes my list:

  • take a walk in the rain
  • get caught in a rainstorm 
  • go to the beach
  • walk on the shoreline
  • go to Coney Island
  • eat a corn dog from Nathan’s
  • ride at least one ride (at coney island)
  • at home dance party
  • Harry Potter movie marathon
  • watch a few blockbusters in the theaters
  • have fun in a playground
  • read at least 1 book
  • UCB theater show
  • visit a bar
  • go to Central Park
  • go kayaking/rowboating
  • take pictures everyday
  • go to Botanical Gardens
  • play with sparklers
  • visit a museum
  • volunteer
  • watch the sunset
  • watch the sunrise
  • listen to Shonda’s Year of Yes
  • start baking
  • have a watergun fight
  • tie dye something
  • bake a rainbow cake
  • bake a kit kat cake
  • make melted crayon art
  • get a manicure
  • get a henna tattoo
  • pull a prank
  • go bowling with the family
  • go to an aquarium
  • play with bubbles
  • make popsicles
  • take pictures in a photobooth
  • fly a kite
  • let go of a floating lantern
  • see fireworks on the Fourth of July
  • buy something at a flea market
  • play with a frisbee
  • walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  • take an early morning stroll
  • learn how to walk in high heels
  • do at least 1 DIY project
  • try Rollerblading again
  • learn how to Hula Hoop
  • make smoothies
  • make an alcoholic beverage
  • go paint balling
  • visit Times Square
  • play laser tag
  • weekly family game night
  • get on a bus and get off at random stop
  • run through sprinklers
  • walk barefoot in the sand
  • build a sandcastle
  • try a science experiment
  • go a whole day without technology
  • Disney movie marathon
  • have a spa day
  • at home spa day treatment
  • make s’mores 
  • watch a movie at IMAX
  • pull an all nighter
  • eat dippin’ dots
  • have a nerf war
  • play darts
  • have a silly string fight
  • build a house of cards
  • try an adult coloring book
  • go to the casino
  • watch a ROM COM every weekend
  • walk on the boardwalk








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