Christmas Journal Prompts

During the Holidays I like to be festive with my journals. So, here are a few prompts to help you get your Christmas on with your journals.


  • Christmas Specials to Watch
  • Favorite Christmas Movies/TV Show episodes
  • Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition
  • Favorite Christmas Songs
  • Favorite Christmas Lyrics
  • Christmas Music to dance around the tree to
  • Christmas Traditions you want to have
  • Reasons to Believe in Santa
  • Christmas Cliches you’re never tired of
  • Christmas wishlist
  • Favorite things about Christmas
  • Christmas memories
  • Favorite Christmas Quotes
  • Christmas Movies you want to see
  • Your family’s Christmas traditions


  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Write about your earliest Christmas memory
  • Write about your favorite Christmas tradition
  • Write about the meaning of Christmas
  • Write about your favorite Christmas memory
  • Write the lyrics to some of your favorite songs/poems
  • A page filled with Christmas doodles 
  • Write about your favorite part about Christmas 
  • Write about your favorite Christmas Ornament
  • Write about your favorite Christmas movie/TV show specials 
  • Write about your thoughts on Christmas Commercialism
  • Write about the beauty and magic of snow

Well, that’s all I have for now on Christmas Journal prompts. I love journaling through the holidays. The christmas advertisements give a perfect embellishment to my journal pages. I even take Hallmark holiday stickers and adhere them to the edges of my page, to give it a more appealing look. My current journal is really chunky because of all the stuff I put inside them. I just love the holidays when snack companies like Entenmann’s start slapping a Holiday theme on the packages. It’s just so adorable. I cut out the box and glue it inside my journal, to give a Holiday appeal. 

Christmas Journal Pages

A look at my Christmas Journal Pages

I take advertisements from magazines and newspaper and glue them in my journal. I even do a few Christmas doodles. I am having a blast journaling through the holidays. And I hope you do, too. Let me know if any of you guys do something special with your journal during the holidays in the comment section.

Happy Holidays!